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Simon Game

This is my solution to freeCodeCamp's final Advanced Front End Development Project found at https://www.freecodecamp.com/challenges/build-a-simon-game. It was designed using . The requirements were to fulfill the following user stories:

User Story #1:

I am presented with a random series of button presses.

User Story #2:

Each time I input a series of button presses correctly, I see the same series of button presses but with an additional step.

User Story #3:

I hear a sound that corresponds to each button both when the series of button presses plays, and when I personally press a button.

User Story #4:

If I press the wrong button, I am notified that I have done so, and that series of button presses starts again to remind me of the pattern so I can try again.

User Story #5:

I can see how many steps are in the current series of button presses.

User Story #6:

If I want to restart, I can hit a button to do so, and the game will return to a single step.

User Story #7:

I can play in strict mode where if I get a button press wrong, it notifies me that I have done so, and the game restarts at a new random series of button presses.

User Story #8:

I can win the game by getting a series of 20 steps correct. I am notified of my victory, then the game starts over.


Press 'Start' to initiate the computer's turn, and then mimic the musical and color sequence to progress. Getting the sequence wrong results in an error tone, and the computer will play the current sequence again. Enable 'Strict' mode and the game will start over after a mistake. After 20 correct rounds you are declared a winner.


You can fork or clone this repo and run it locally on your computer by opening the file path in your browser. It will run statically in a local browser or can be served using MAMP as I did in my local environment.