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Railroader Site

This is the code for building, the Railroader website.

This is a project fork of the code for building the Brakeman website at: It is legal, as the original website was licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License (we are under the same license).

Install instructions to make changes

This version of the site is generated using hugo. On Ubuntu use

snap install hugo

You also need to set up the "_deploy" subdirectory so that it is a clone from using its gh-pages branch:

  git clone
  mv railroader '_deploy'
  cd _deploy
  git checkout gh-pages

Making changes

In general edit the information in directory content/.

You can view things by running make which will start up hugo, then use a web browser to view http://localhost:1313/ If you edit something, hugo will automatically rerender, so just refresh the page on your web browser.

There are lots of pages in the repo that are not currently being displayed on the website. Fixes welcome.

Beware: Image files must not contain a dash due to a bug in GitHub. It took me a while to figure out that problem.

Run make generate to generate the static pages.

When you are happy, git commit -asv to commit them all.

Run make push to push the pages to the real site (if you have the rights).

Older version

Older version - install

The older site is built using (a very old version of) Octopress, which is a layer on top of Jekyll. We are seriously considering switching to Hugo, but the goal was to just get started. First you need to install things so that you can make changes.

Changes to the site content should be made in source/. Markdown is preferred.

To install:

  • Use Ruby 1.9.3. If you use rbenv: rbenv install 1.9.3-p551
  • To install a bundler that works on this old Ruby: gem install --version 1.17.3 bundler
  • bundle install for dependencies

You also need to set up the "_deploy" subdirectory so that it is a clone from using its gh-pages branch:

  git clone
  mv railroader '_deploy'
  cd _deploy
  git checkout gh-pages

Older version - Making changes to the site

Edit pages within /source (except for source/railroader/docs/warning_types).

Before generating a site, you should first copy the relevant files from the main railroader site (master branch) into source/railroader/docs/warning_types

    bundle exec rake copy_docs_from_railroader

To preview: bundle exec rake preview and visit http://localhost:4000

To deploy, generate the pages (to /public), then run bundle exec rake deploy - this will copy the files in /public and the dotfiles to _deploy, then push to the GitHub Pages (gh-pages) branch.


Creative Commons License
The text content of the site is licensed under a Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 Unported License.

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