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Contribution guidelines


NOTE: Your contributions must be released under at least the file in MIT-LICENSE (the MIT license). There is no need for a copyright assignent.

Tests and style

When creating contributions:

  • Use bundle exec rake to make sure that your changes pass tests. If you add significant functionality, please add matching test(s) to check that it actually works, and also modify to note it.
  • Use bundle exec rubocop to ensure that your code has a reasonable style and avoids some common mistakes. Using a style checker helps us make the code easier to read, and in the long run we hope that will make it easier to contribute.

Signed commits

Please use "git commit -a" (signed commits). This indicates that you agree with the Developer Certificate of Origin (DCO), which basically states that you are legally allowed to make the contribution. Details here:

How to submit vulnerability reports

If you find an exploitable vulnerability in Railroader itself, please send a private email to dwheeler (at) dwheeler (dot) com and do not post the issue publicly on the issue tracker. If practical, please send the email from one of the many systems that support sending and receiving StartTLS (Gmail, Hotmail, and are known to do so). In the subject line include VULNERABILITY (all-caps) and Railroader.

See the EFF announcement about StartTLS if you'd like to know more more about StartTLS.

We strongly prefer that you use a coordinated disclosure process, that is, give us a little time to fix the problem before telling everyone. That's why we want you to use StartTLS, since that encrypts emails between email systems. We don't expect you to be quiet about it forever (that would be unreasonable). We don't require that you provide a suggested fix, but one would be greatly appreciated.


How to create releases

(This text assumes you have permission to do this.)

To update the version number, edit lib/railroader/version.rb. To fix that version number run git tag VERSION (use "v" as the prefix), then git push --tags.

The final RubyGem is created and distributed using (replace 4.3.5 with the current version):

BM_PACKAGE=1 gem build railroader.gemspec
gem push railroader-4.3.5.gem

For more about gems, see:

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