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Create interactive album walls from scrobble stats.
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scrobble shelf

Create interactive album collages from scrobble stats.


I wanted a way to integrate my listening stats with my website that wasn't just a static collage, and wasn't just a direct link to

This python script and accompanying static files allows you to scrape your listening stats on a regular basis, and insert an interactive array of albums into your website that links back to the albums on



pip3 install ./scrobble-shelf
  • Get a API key. scrobble shelf expects API_KEY and API_SECRET environment variables. You can either pass them in when run (API_KEY={...} API_SECRET={...} scrobble-shelf ...) or add them to your ~/.bashrc.

  • Add an element on your desired page with the id scrobble-shelf, and include the corresponding .css and .js files from the static folder in this repository.

  • Edit the pathRoot variable in scrobble-shelf.js if you will not be using /var/www/scrobble-shelf/ as your output directory.

Usage (default period is 3 months):

scrobble-shelf {LAST FM USERNAME} {output dir (i.e., /var/www/scrobble-shelf)} [--period 6months]

Note that you will need to add the above as a cron job if you wish to have scrobble shelf automatically update.

Local artwork files:

scrobble shelf also allows you to substitute local files for albums missing cover art on, or those which are incorrectly scrobbled. Simply add keys with partial string matches to COVER_ART_SUBS in the file, and values of the local paths. Note that these are only sourced in absence of artwork on

    "my beautiful dark twisted fantasy": "/home/david/scrobble-shelf/cover-art-subs/mbdtf.jpg",
    "se dice": "/home/david/scrobble-shelf/cover-art-subs/sdbnb.jpg"
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