A Bundle Adjustment solver for MatchMove related tasks.
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Maya MatchMove Solver (MM Solver)

A Solver for matchmove (MM) related tasks.

This tool is currently in development, and is not considered stable yet. Do not use this in production.

What Is It?

The aim of this project is to provide an optimising / minimising non-linear least squares solver to aid in complex matchmoving tasks inside Autodesk Maya. This tool is not intended as a one-click-solution; this tool is for advanced users.

The solver performs Bundle Adjustment (BA), solving for 3D positions (Bundles) of 2D features (Markers) with arbitrary solving attributes.

Using arbitrary solving attributes makes the solver extremely flexible; any floating-point attribute in Maya can be adjusted to reduce 2D-to-3D reprojection error. Use Maya's DG and DAG nodes to setup complex constraints and find the best solution to whatever MatchMove solve you need.

Use Cases

  • Solving camera or object position / rotation based on 2D to 3D positions.
  • Using DAG hierarchies to solve objects in specific spaces (for example object space).
  • Generation of 3D positions from 2D screen-space positions.
  • Reconstruction of multi-camera shooting environments (photogrammetry).

Current Features

  • Solver Plug-in

    • Minimising residual error between 2D and 3D positions.
    • Single-frame and multi-frame solving is supported.
    • Dense or Sparse Levenberg-Marquardt solving types for different types of solves.
    • Full Undo/redo support.
    • Spinning ("busy") cursor is shown when solving.
    • Ability to cancel out of solve before it's completed (partially solved parameters will be lost).
  • Python API

    • Work in progress API.
  • User Tools

    • None

Planned Features

  • Solver Plug-in

    • Multi-camera solving (photogrammetry) - only a single camera is currently supported.
    • 2D-to-3D error weighting.
    • Evaluation of complex character rigs for soft-deformation.
    • Optimised multi-frame solving - research into faster (smarter) multi-frame solving.
    • Marker 'validity' support - frames where markers are occluded.
    • Smoothness / Jerkiness error metric to enable the solver reduce bumpy solves, especially for multi-frame solves.
    • Sparse curve solving - solving attributes at only specific frames, rather than per-frame.
  • Python API

    • Simple object oriented API for setting up and running solves.
  • User Tools

    • GUI to select camera and object channels to solve.
      • GUI to link/unlink 2D markers and 3D bundles.
    • 2D markers can either be locators or special objects that look like 2D tracks with pattern/search boxes.
      • Dynamic lines to visually connect the display of the 2D and 3D points.
    • Tool to project 2D markers onto polygons, creating associated static or animated locators.
    • Tool to import 2D markers to Maya, reading 3DE or pfTrack, etc. 2D tracking files.

Note: Due to the complexity of integrating Lens Distortion into Maya and the MM Solver, Lens Distortion is not handled by this solver. It is possible to be added later, but for now such a feature is out of the scope of this project.


The documentation has been split into Tool Usage and Script API.

Additionally some of the low-level design is documented in DESIGN.md.

If you're interested in contributing to the Maya MatchMove Solver project, please see the conventions and information in DEVELOPER.md.

The documentation is lacking at this time.

Building and Installation

For building and installation follow the instructions in INSTALL.md.

Known Bugs

All issues are listed in the issues page on GitHub. If you have found a bug, please submit an issue and we will try to address it.