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Tuio To Unity WebPlayer Demo via websockets (tuio.js)
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Unity webplayer tuio integration demo

This demo illustrates passing tuio messages to unity's webplayer. The tuio messages are be handled by TouchScript on Unity's side.

This works by proxying the tuio messages over websockets. We use a node server and Tuio.js to accomplish this. This gets the Tuio messages on the browser's javascript engine. We then forward those messages to the player via Unity's SendMessage interface.

Server requirements



run the following command from the root of the project:

        npm install


run the following command from the root of the project

        node server.js

browse to http://localhost:5040/


  • server.js uses Express.js to serve the static content. This dependency could easily be removed.

  • The unity project can be found here.

  • This is a weekend project. Use with caution : )


MIT, read, hack, improve

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