Allow Clojure protocols to be extended to other protocols
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Allow Clojure protocols to be extended to other protocols. More details are on my blog.


(defprotocol Animal
  (speak [_]))

(defprotocol Dog
  (bark [_]))

(adapt-protocol Dog Animal
                (speak [dog]
                       (bark dog)))

When a function from the Animal protocol is invoked on an object, x, which does not satisfy the Animal protocol then if x satisfies the Dog protocol the class of x will automatically be extended to support the Animal protocol using the adapter methods provided in the adapt-protocol call.


  • A protocol can be extended to multiple protocols.
  • If an object satisfies multiple protocols that have been adapted to a given protocol then it is indeterminate which adapter will be used.
  • If adapt-protocol is invoked multiple times for the same pair of protocols then the new adapter will only be installed for future classes. That is, adapters that have been previously "installed" for a class will not be changed.


At the Clojure Conj conference in 2010 Rich Hickey described an approach of dynamically extending a protocol to another protocol. This is an implementation of that idea.

The use and distribution terms for this software are covered by the Eclipse Public License 1.0