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Releases: david-pfx/PuzzleFAB

Update release 19j23

21 Oct 03:16
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Update release 19j23 Pre-release

A few bug fixes, a few extensions, and a better version of 2048

Reorganise games; added new 2048, 333, fifteen, black box, bridges, colour wheel and loops of zen
End of line comments using ==
Line breaks using \
Add commands level, status, reset; Final rule prefix
Save RNG seed in game state
Add Reaction (trigger but not Moving)
Verbose log pack dups
Add scripts using Moon# (WIP)
Pause at end level; Version; Splash screen
Access puzzles by URL
Fixed multiple issues; Added numerous tests

Update release 18d30

30 Apr 11:35
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Update release 18d30 Pre-release

Mostly bug fixes, plus a version of the well known game 2048.

Add games inc 2048
Compiler error exception
Fix action on negated object; tests
Fix compile message
Fix expand rules for actions; rule translate tests
Unity: scale sprite/text
Fix UI to show bg for board
Fix expansion of OR objects in action
Fix expansion of ambiguous directions in action
Fix rule after loop is skipped
Fix Random object should create just one
Fix Empty pattern start should match everything
Use equality for comparing atom objects
Use OrdinalCase for object symbol table
Just one check for net change in level or movers
Refactor and find all matches before actioning them
Fix random prefix to pick one match not one rule
Update readme

Update release 18d17

17 Apr 10:58
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Update release 18d17 Pre-release

The main features of this release are:

  • support for mouse
  • text objects
  • WebGL player: play it here.

Update readme
Handle bool settings using 'no'
Auto settings for player/clickable
Unity add gists asset
Reorg script selection as pages
Add asset script loading
Add Reaction, Fire1, Fire2, Fire3, Hover
Add text sprites
Parser === is just a comment
Add click and hover support
All sprites from 2x2
Unity: fix slow tile creation
Add keycode F12 status and display
Games japanese, loops of zen
Add event intparam
Convert load level to "level n"
Unity allow reload on error

Update release 18c30

30 Mar 22:58
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Update release 18c30 Pre-release

This update release includes the following.
Update readme
Add Check opcodes to fix EllipsisNoDup
Skip trailindex for ellipsis
Fix bug finding stationary object
Add asserts to trap bad directions
Roll back ellipsis, fails NoDup test
Fix ellipsis multi-match bug, tests
Fix stationary match, tests
Select games
Add remaining palettes, test
Fix random water: OpCreate also set direction
statistics_logging plus counters
Fix #xxx colour, improve safety
Fix message handling
Fix undo for againing, test
Fix short grid lines as warning
Unity: add GameInfo instance data
Parse subrule direction and give warning
Fixes to model state machine
Add Any as synonym
Fix Unicode glyph char
Unity switch gist access to arrows
Add WebAccess, gist with SimpleJSON
Fix bug where rule loses movement direction
Fix create by mask (direction switcher)
Improve verbose logging
Fix command priority (no again if win)
Fix ()() comment bug
Handle messages and sounds
Unity add Nsfxr for sound
Do require player movement, test
Do flick/zoomscreen
Unity: default game

Initial beta release

05 Mar 13:21
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Initial beta release Pre-release

This is a pre-built Unity player for v1.0 18c04.

Simply unzip it and run it. You can add your own games to the Games directory.