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connectors Merge pull request #668 from bes-internal/yandexradio
core add to tidal matches, closes #671
dialogs v2 connectors info dialog
icons new core - song detection and playback timer
options release v1.49
popups Added csslint + linting spaces to html
vendor prepare popup for recognized site; first help dialog
.csslintrc Added csslint + linting spaces to html
.editorconfig Updated spaces to tabs
.gitignore update gitignore
.jshintrc moving more functionality outside of legacy scrobbler.js
.travis.yml Travis CI test
Gruntfile.js Added csslint + linting spaces to html
LICENSE.txt add license; closes #374, closes #285 Merge branch 'update-travis-badge' of…
default_cover_art.png Use's default cover art image as a fallback
icon.png initial commit
icon128.png new icon
icon_cross_gray.png icon and status for sites with disabled (out of date) connectors
icon_note.png resized
icon_note_gray.png resized
icon_tick.png resized
icon_tick_big.png core changed significantly; song correcting possible via popup in the…
icon_tick_gray.png resized
icon_unknown.png resized
manifest.json release v1.49
package.json Added csslint + linting spaces to html
popup.html Fixed indentation, jshinted javascript, updated HTML
popup.js v2: user correction of unknown song Scrobbler for Chrome build status Scrobbler for Chrome was created for people who listen to music online through their browser, and would like to keep an updated playback history using's scrobbling service.


You can obtain the scrobbler either from Chrome Web Store directly or by installing as an "unpacked extension".

Chrome Web Store

You can get it directly from Chrome Web Store:

Unpacked extension

  1. Grab a copy of the source code either by cloning the repository or by downloading and extracting the zipped source.

  2. Next, enable "Developer mode" within on your Chrome based browser.

  3. Finally select "Load unpacked extension" and select the location you have saved the source.


Check the wiki pages to understand development of connectors.


You can also join us on our IRC channel #web-scrobbler on

If you are unfamiliar with IRC you can connect easily via Kiwi IRC.

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