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Apple Disk Transfer

ADT is the "Apple Disk Transfer" utility. Paul Guertin originally developed ADT as a way to transfer 5.25" disk image files from PC directly to diskette on a 64k or larger Apple II and to send 5.25" diskettes to PC where they are saved as .dsk disk image files. A typical ADT setup is an Apple II/IIe/IIc/IIgs with a serial card or built-in serial port connected via a NULL modem cable to a PC's COM port or a classic Mac's modem port with each computer running ADT.


7 October 2011: ADT has a new home on github.

8 July 2007: ADT 2007_2 is released. ADT now can operate with Laser 128 compatible computers. MacADT has also been added to the distribution.

3 June 2007: ADT 2007 is released. ADT now automatically scans for and detects appropriate serial hardware. Bootstrapping text files are included with different line endings (PC, Unix, Mac) though ADTPro's bootstrapping instructions are simpler and can even use the cassette ports.

27 Dec 2006: ADT 2006 is released. Some goodies from the ADTPro project have been incorporated into ADT.

31 Dec 2005: ADT now has a new home at BerliOS.

Setting Up and Using ADT

Download ADT_2007_2.zip and unzip the archive. The result is a folder named "ADT_2007_2". This includes server programs for Windows, MS-DOS and MacOS, as well as two popular Apple II-side programs. ##Host Side

  • adt.exe: A Windows32 version of the PC-side program by Sean Gugler.
  • adtdos.exe: An MS-DOS version of the PC-side program by Paul Guertin.
  • MacADT.sit: Stuffit archive of the host program by Hideki Naito.

Apple II Side

  • ADT: This is the original ADT (now at version 1.33). It is intended for use on an just about any Apple II or compatible.
  • ADTcc: This is an adaptation of ADT (now at version 1.21) intended for use on an Apple II equipped with the Apple Communications Card and other, generally older, non-SSC cards.

You will need to transfer one of the Apple II-side ADT programs to the Apple II.

The ADTPro project has bootstrapping instructions that simplify and speed up the bootstrapping process with new server software, but it does require Java on the host computer to run. Otherwise, the included Text documentation files discuss how to set up a NULL modem connection, do the transfer, and more. Also see the comp.sys.apple2 Apple II FAQs Telecom-1 page and feel free to ask questions on the newsgroup.

This ADT distribution allows running ADT under Windows or from the MS-DOS prompt. To start the Win32 version, double-click adt.exe or run it from a Command Prompt.