Mocos is an entity-component system for Moai SDK. I wrote it to learn more about how Moai works.
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Mocos (MOai COmponent System) is an Entity-Component system built on top of the Moai SDK. Its purpose is to provide a high-level interface for performing common tasks while retaining the ability to use lower-level functionality.

Mocos will provide some common utility methods such as initialization

Mocos.init(width, height [, window_name])

And setting a background color

Mocos.background_color(r, g, b)

The primary way to interact with Mocos is by creating entities. An entity is a game object that can have functionality applied to it in the form of components.

entity = Mocos.entity()

This entity's prop could be an image

entity.add(Mocos.Component.Image, {image_path='', width=0, height=0})

Or a filled rectangle

entity.add(Mocos.Component.Rect, {width=0, height=0, r=255, g=255, b=255})

Or circle

entity.add(Mocos.Component.Circle, {radius=0, steps=0, r=255, g=255, b=255})

It could be draggable


Or clickable with an onClick callback

entity.add(Mocos.Component.Click, callback_function = function() end)

Or be collision-aware with an onCollide callback

-- not yet implemented
entity.add(Mocos.Component.Collision, callback_function = function() end)