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Building block 3D-printed without supports. Perfectly stackable.
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3D-printed building block (that doesn't need supports and is lightweight !). . You can stack, or "attach", other blocks by matching 'Lozenge' faces or the flat unique face created by the cut. . Perfectly stackable (after applying some rotations and some glue or other technics). . Cutted in *Half means that you can use it as the first step of your "building" for flat surfaces. . You can turn each block on all axis and imagine what you can do with a lot !... ;P . The Scale (so the Size) is changeable (of course, but novices in 3D-print don't know that's so easy so I have to insist on that argument). I suggest to check what size you get at 100%, then play with it. This is very important: at small scales the bars get too thin and weak and could be enlarged. At the opposite, with big scales... you should try some mechanical stress-tests (in all cases btw). . [to be continued] _

License : Attribution 4.0 International (CC BY 4.0)

You can contact me via and eventually order a 3D-print in PLA only ! I'm actually in Portugal, south of Lisbon (~150km).

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