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A simple AngularJS app with a Scalatra backend to generate WYSIWYG invoices
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Scalatra/AngularJS Invoice Creator

A single page WYSIWYG invoice editing app using AngularJS. Uses a simple Scalatra/Akka backed to asyncronously handle the generation of downloadable PDFs using wkhtmltopdf. This is a toy/learning application, and is not designed with security in mind.

##Dependencies and Initial Configuration## Requires wkhtmltopdf installed. By default, this will be installed at /usr/bin/wkhmtltopdf, but this can be changed by modifying the WKHTML_PATH costant in PdfActor.scala.

/home/[user]/pdf is the default location for the generated PDFs, but this can be changed via the PDF_PATH constant in PdfActor.scala.

Build & Run

$ cd invoicemaker
$ ./sbt
> container:start
> browse

If browse doesn't launch your browser, manually open http://localhost:8080/ in your browser.

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