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Forked from the @torchbox vagrant-django-base project, modified to work with GeoDjango.

A Vagrant box based on Ubuntu precise32, configured for GeoDjango development. This box makes it simple to get up and running with the GeoDjango tutorial.

  • postgresql 9.1 (with locale fixed to create databases as UTF-8)
  • PostGIS 2 and tools
  • virtualenv and virtualenvwrapper
  • dependencies for PIL, the Python Imaging Library

This will build GEOS and PostGIS from source, so your first vagrant up might take a while. Port 8000 forwards to 4567 by default.

Getting Started

This section will take you from cloning the repository to being able to start working on the official GeoDjango tutorial.

Vagrant up

If you don't have it installed already, install Vagrant and VirtualBox.

After cloning the repository, cd to the repo directory, and type vagrant up. Wait a while.

After the build has completed, vagrant ssh to get into your machine

Setup database

To create the database for the tutorial:

sudo su - postgres
createdb geodjango

Now, we add the spatial extensions to the "world" database via:

psql geodjango

Setup Django Project

Now, we have a fairly typical Django project to setup:

mkvirtualenv geodjango
workon geodjango
pip install django
pip install psycopg2

You are now ready to pick up the GeoDjango tutorial here. You will use 'postgres' as the DB user in the settings, with an empty password, like so:

    'default': {
         'ENGINE': 'django.contrib.gis.db.backends.postgis',
         'NAME': 'geodjango',
         'USER': 'postgres',

Be sure to start the server like so:

python runserver

The default server will bind to the loopback interface, adding the argument will allow it to bind to all interfaces.


Build instructions

To generate the .box file:


To install locally:

vagrant box add django-base-v2


Vagrant configuration for a base box for GeoDjango development with PostGIS 2



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