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merb_cucumber (UNMAINTAINED: Maintained repository is now at

Merb + Cucumber integration with Webrat support.

Migrating to merb_cucumber 0.5.0

merb_cucumber 0.5.0 now requires cucumber 0.1.13, which introduces some breaking changes. If you were already using
merb_cucumber, you’ll need to do the following:

  • Change the last line of bin/cucumber to be:
Cucumber::CLI.execute ARGV
  • Add a cucumber.yml to your Merb.root with the following contents:
default: —format pretty features

If you experience any problems, please contact me (david) on github.


  • merb-core >=
  • cucumber >= 0.1.13
  • webrat >= 0.3.2 (Optional)

First Time

Inside your merb project root, run

$ merb-gen cucumber

For Webrat support, run

$ merb-gen cucumber —session-type webrat

This will also install a sample login feature that should pass if you’re using merb-auth.


To execute all the features run

$ rake features


  • When you are implementing the steps of an scenario, please use the new request test helper, if you try to use the
    dispatch_to method, it won’t work as expected.
  • Webrat methods other than ‘visits’ are now singular only.
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