place to store integration tests, sample projects for scalaIDE (eclipse plugin)
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Provide a space where we (anyone in the ScalaIDE community) can store :

  • (integration) tests for ScalaIDE
  • sample projects use to show what works and what failed (stored into workspace)
  • platform target definition used to run test

Install & run

To run test from eclipse you need :

  1. to install SWTBot IDE Support
  2. clone the project
  3. import the project into eclipse
  4. select the platform
  5. run the test

Why not under ?

I choose to create the project outside the main scalaIDE project and outside Assembla. Because :

  • github allow easy fork and contribution from other users
  • I didn't require CLA from user to provide project sample and code for test

I choose to use java to code test, because :

  • SWTBot provide sample, helper, wizard for java
  • test can run without (no scala dependency)
  • test can run with any version of scala installed in eclipse
  • JDT just work


  • reorg project under workspace (currently only copied as is from my desktop, when I previously "test" scala-ide)
  • add test : helloworld test (create project + run + test output)
  • add test : detect compilation error (PC + builder)
  • add test : insert template
  • add test : rename method
  • define platform target definition for (galileo + helios) x (milestone_1.x + wip_1.x + beta_2.x + wip_2.x)
  • run test from command line
  • add test : ...
  • add documentation to guide contributor or bug reporter