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%include "os_dependent_stuff.asm"
mov r10, 0b11111111 ; all eight possibilities available
mov r8, 0x000000000000 ; no squares under attack from anywhere
movq xmm1, r8 ; maintain this state in xmm1
mov r15, 0x000100010001 ; attack mask for one queen (left, right, and center)
mov r14, 0xff ; mask for low byte
movq xmm7, r14 ; stored in xmm register
mov r13, rsp ; current stack pointer (if we backtrack here, then
mov r14, rsp ; the entire solution space has been explored)
sub r14, 2*8*7 ; this is where the stack pointer would be when we've
; completed a winning state
%ifndef NOPRETTY
mov rdi, 1 ; stdout
mov rcx, 0
movq xmm8, rcx ; bitmap of queens
movq mm0, rcx ; horizontal position of printer
bsf rcx, r10 ; find next available position in current level
jz backtrack ; if there is no available position, we must go back
btc r10, rcx ; mark position as unavailable
%ifndef NOPRETTY
xor eax, eax
bts eax, ecx
pinsrb xmm8, eax, 0 ; insert mask for this queen
cmp rsp, r14 ; check if we've done 7 levels already
je win ; if so, we have a win state. otherwise continue
movq rax, xmm1 ; save current state ...
push r10
push rax ; ... to stack
%ifndef NOPRETTY
pslldq xmm8, 1 ; shift bitmap to the left
mov rax, r15 ; set up attack mask
shl rax, cl ; shift into position
movq xmm2, rax
por xmm1, xmm2 ; mark as attacking in all directions
vpsllw xmm2, xmm1, 1 ; shift entire state to left, place in xmm2
vpsrlw xmm3, xmm1, 1 ; shift entire state to right, place in xmm3
pblendw xmm1, xmm2, 0b100 ; only copy "left-attacking" word back from xmm2
pblendw xmm1, xmm3, 0b010 ; only copy "right-attacking" word back from xmm3
vpsrldq xmm2, xmm1, 4 ; shift state right 4 *bytes*, place in xmm2
vpsrldq xmm3, xmm1, 2 ; shift state right 2 bytes, place in xmm3
por xmm2, xmm3 ; collect bitwise ors in xmm2
por xmm2, xmm1
vpandn xmm4, xmm2, xmm7 ; invert and select low byte
movq r10, xmm4 ; place in r10
jmp next_state ; now we're set up to iterate
cmp rsp, r13 ; are we done?
je done
pop rcx ; restore last state
pop r10
movq xmm1, rcx
%ifndef NOPRETTY
psrldq xmm8, 1 ; shift bitmap to the right
jmp next_state ; try again
inc r8 ; increment solution counter
%ifndef NOPRETTY
%include "winprinter.asm"
jmp next_state ; keep going
%ifndef NOPRETTY
mov rsi, cursormove2
mov rdx, boardend - cursormove2
mov rax, SYSCALL_EXIT ; set system call to exit
mov rdi, r8 ; set system call argument to solution count
syscall ; this will exit with our solution count as status