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firing squad synchronization problem solution & cross-stitch pattern
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This is fssp, a MATLAB(R) script for solving the firing squad synchronization problem and creating a cross-stitch pattern from the solution.

For more information, please read the headers of the MATLAB(R) source files or the Wikipedia article on this problem [1].

Statement of the Problem

Consider a finite but arbitrary number of identical finite state machines (soldiers) arranged in a line.

At time t = 0, each soldier is initialized to the quiescent (idle) state, except for the soldier on the far left (the Officer).

The state of each soldier at each discrete time-step t > 0 is dependent on its state and the state of its two neighbors at time t - 1 (except for the two soldiers at either end, each of whose state depends only on itself and its sole neighbor).

In addition, if a soldier and its neighbors are in the quiescent state, then the soldier will remain quiescent at the next time-step.

The problem is to define a finite set of states and state transition rules for the soldiers such that all soldiers enter a distinguished state (fire) at the same time and for the very first time.


This project came about after purchasing the cross-stitch / needlepoint DIY case for iPhone 4 [2,3] and wanting to create a design that was just my style.

After looking at Cellular Automota / simple programs I found this pattern to be visually appealing, as well as providing a computation challenge in coding up the answer to fit any size cross-stitch design.


Please feel free to make changes, offer suggestions, and help me port this to other languages of interet. Thanks!





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