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=== Changelog ===
**May 5, 2016**
Release: Version 1.2
* [Remove support for `wp_title` for rendering title tag and fix bug in theme](
* [Make theme compatible with language packs](
* [Fix some wrong text domains](
* [Make package information consistent across all files](
* [Make some spaces vs. tabs issues consistent](
* Remove unneeded backward compatibility call in `functions.php` file.
* Update screenshot to be retina ready.
* [Escape all output, including translations](
* [Make widget markup more accessible](
* [Make blog link radio button consistent](
* [Fix Genericons position](
* Update new demo link in documentation.
* [Provide a label to differentiate multiple navigation landmarks](
* [Add post title to edit link](
* [Prefix post format functions](
**May 7, 2015**
Release: Version 1.1.6
* Critical security update: Remove Genericons' `example.html` file due to DOM-based cross-site scripting (XSS) vulnerability. See:
**April 12, 2015**
Release: Version 1.1.5
* Fix date in changelog.txt file.
**April 12, 2015**
Release: Version 1.1.4
* [Add missing translatable strings for Continue Reading area](
* [Fix unclosed h1 tag in archive.php](
* [Change some top level headings to h2](
* [Update Genericons to 3.2](
* [Update theme description and make it tighter](
* [Update screenshot](
* [Add bottom padding to post author comments for better spacing](
* [Clean up Continue reading links](
* [Make theme have only one h1 per page for better accessibility](
* [Update translation files](
* Clean up spacing in style.css.
* [Update licensing information](
* [Add latin extended character support in Google web fonts](
* Adjust spacing around headings for better design See and
* Update tranlation files.
* Add German translation file by Lutz Donnerhacke.
* Add theme support for title tag. [More information](
**July 1, 2014**
Release: Version 1.1.3
* Add basic translation files.
* French translation by [Brieuc Segalen](
**June 20, 2014**
Release: Version 1.1.2
* General code clean-up in some template tags.
**June 17, 2014**
Release: Version 1.1.1
* [Add author and updated microformats](
* [Add HTML5 output for galleries and captions](
* [Make tag list translatable](
* [Fix unclosed h1 on certain templates](
* Add more robust styles for menu abstraction on desktop.
* Add bottom margin for audio embeds.
* Add version 3.0.3 of Genericons.
* Improve stylesheet loading order.
**January 4, 2014**
Release: Version 1.1
* [Add contextual help to theme](
* [Improve Customizer features and set better default options]( This may cause users to have to set their options again via the Customizer.
* Add appropriate theme tags for WordPress, version 3.8, including accessibility-ready.
* Remove bottom border on hover on site title.
* Add new screenshot according to WordPress, version 3.8 standards.
* Update Genericons to version 3.0.2.
* Move changelog to separate file.
**October 21, 2013**
Release: Version 1.0.3
* [Remove unneeded search styles](
* [Better selection styles on header image](
* [Fix Genericons alignment](
**October 8, 2013**
Release: Version 1.0.2
* [Make floats clear properly in posts](
* [Add copyright info](
**October 6, 2013**
Release: Version 1.0.1
* [Fix 404 page layout issue](
**September 29, 2013**
Release: Version 1.0
* [Version number bump]( for submission to WordPress theme repository.
* [Fix broken author bios](
* Fix [broken comment styles](
* [Fix typos]( and firm up acknowledgements in files.
* [Rename page templates](
* [Adjust font size](
* [Improve docs](
* [Better print styles](
* [Update Genericons](
**September 22, 2013**
Release: Version 0.1-beta-1
* [Add documentation](
* [Read More Posts link now more versatile](
Recent hotfixes include:
* A [better Read More Posts link](
* Other small fixes.
**September 8, 2013**
Release: Version 0.1-alpha-4
* [Consistent CSS comments, form tweaks and other CSS clean up](
* [Reorganize file structure and clean up template comments](
* [No more `<br>` tags in the footer meta](
* Use the [HTML5 support from WordPress core for certain elements](
* [Improve menus on mobile devices](
* [Better line height on headings](
* [Add compatibility file for WordPress 3.6](
* [More support for RTL languages in the editor](
**July 29, 2013**
Release: Version 0.1-alpha-3
* Various design tweaks including a lighter footer area and new fonts.
* Add better support for [taxonomy descriptions on archive pages](
* Add [category and tag templates](
* Add [custom taxonomy support for archive page titles](
* Add [post type support for archive page titles](
* Add ["show more posts option"]( on Front Page Template.
* Make [functions more pluggable]( and easier for child theme support.
**July 11, 2013**
Release: Version 0.1-alpha-2
* Tested more in [IE7, resolving a bug or two](
* Added [main element](
* Removed [unneeded search icon](
* Updated [HTML5 shiv](
* Fixed [layout bug on mobile with big tables](
* Fixed [wonky form labels on IE7](
* Fixed [undefined variable and non-object warnings on image posts](
* Fixed [Function warning for image.php file](
* Fixed [custom background in IE7](
* [Unified list item styling](
**June 30, 2013**
Initial release: Version 0.1-alpha-1