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Frequently Answers and Questions about Damegender

Ethical Values

Is Damegender reducing the gender gap?

We use say Damegender can reduce the gender gap. To reduce the gender gap is an objective in United Nations, so the states must help to this objective. To reduce the gender gap we must measure where it is happening. Damegender is Free Software with data extracted from the states, so we can measure about men and women with a critical point of view that can be reviewed by peers.

Can I guess the sexual orientation with Damegender?

Not, you can’t. You only guess the gender, such as the states is registering it. All states is using a binary ideology about the gender (male and female) and in Damegender too.

Is Damegender Free Software?

Yes, it’s. We are distributing the software in Pypi with GPLv3. You can read the license in all files and the full text in LICENSE file.

On an experimental way we are using a better license for women in the dev branch. That’s the copyright note:

You can share, copy and modify this software if you are a woman or you are David Arroyo Menéndez and you include this note.

So we

Why are you guessing male or female?

Some aplications are guessing unknown, but in Damegender we are thinking that this option is ok if the name is not in database. In this case, we are providing a binary response using machine learning.

Some radical LGTB associations are claiming by non binary options about gender, that is not an option for us due to there not states acknowledging this need and providing Open Datasets about names and gender. The states are providing us the datasets.

Are you predicting ethical problems using machine learning for guess names?

Machine learning is similar than statistics, so you don’t be afraid using maths when you are coding. Damegender can be used on a laptop, so that you are not depending of a very big company as Amazon for use the machine learning.

If you introduce a word such as chair, table, etc. you could have a gender ethical problem because you are giving a gender to a thing. In Afghanistan there are women with no names referenced as things, so the problem is dangerous. You can use Damegender to understand if the person is talking about a male or a female, but you must understand that you must not self reference or reference to another people as things. Please be careful, it’s your responsability.

More about Afghanistan and names:

Is Damegender helping to preserve the cultural identity?

Yes it’s. When you can find in what countries are being used names and surnames you can understand the cultural identity with numbers. For example, the spanish names and surnames can be find in many countries in South America, but don’t with the same quantities.

Why are you using the word Damegender?

Damegender means Gender Detection Tool from the name coded by David Arroyo MEnéndez (DAME). There are problems in some communities that can be detected retrieving data from Internet. And the people can claim gender justice, dame in spanish is “give me” in english, so the word seems about give me gender justice in spanglish :D

I understand that the dame word in french or english is about a female, such as Notre Dame. But in Spain dame is a name about a male. So, the name damegender is an intelligence challenge about discover if the gender of dame is about a male or female. What’s your country?.

$ python3 dame --total=es
dame's gender is male
probability: 1.0
420 males for dame from
0 females for dame from

If you are reading about a strict english the gender of the dame. It’s ok for me, because there are an objective from United Nations to fix about gender gap in the world, so we must put the attention on females.

How can I pronounce Damegender?

I don’t have not very fix rules about it, but please don’t pronounce as de-mi-gen-der because there are another site with the name demigender with another subject and we don’t want problems.

If you know read the hyphenate, you can choose deym-gen-der, but you can read it as in spanish da-me-gen-der. I understand that both ways to pronounce is helping me because, I’m happy with the english and the spanish culture about this software.

Different ways to pronounce the name of a software, express different ideas about the software. If you are expressing on a precise way, you are helping to the author about the original idea. If you are changing the expression you must know


How can I install it?

$ pip3 install damegender[all]

Where is the scripts to execute Damegender?

In my GNU/Linux installation you can access to Damegender from:


You can guess a name with

$ python3 Clara

Using it

Why must I use Damegender?

  • If you want determine gender gap in free software projects or mailing lists.
  • If you don’t know the gender about a name
  • If you want research with statistics about why a name is related with males or females.
  • If you want use a free gender detection tool from a name from a command with open data.
  • If you want use the main solutions in gender detection (genderize, genderapi, namsor, nameapi and gender guesser) from a command.

How can I determine gender about a name?

$ python3 David

What countries are related about a name?

$ python3 David

What countries are related about a surname?

$ python3 David

How many people are using a surname?

$ python3 Menéndez --total=us

Give me the race about a name in USA!

$ python3 David

How can I determine gender gap in free software projects or mailing lists.

You can count males and females in a git project with:

python3 --directory="/tmp/clonedir"

You can count males and females in a mailing list with:


What’s the scripts to research with statistics?

  • and

Give me some real examples about count males and females in communities

$ python3
$ python3

How can I use another solutions in gender detection from damegender?

First, you must register an account in genderapi, genderize, namsor or nameapi:

$ python3

Later, you can guess the name choosing the rigth api:

$ python3 David --api=genderize

What is the most popular names in a country?

You can use the command to discover it. For instance the 5 most used females names are:

$ python3 es --position --number=5 --sex=female
1) MARIA CARMEN: 656276
2) MARIA: 606048
3) CARMEN: 391563
4) JOSEFA: 276682
5) ANA MARIA: 273319


What happens if I see chances between the original source and the dataset provided in Damegender?

Please, open an issue in

We have found some chance in, so we have a physical dataset provided with an official stamp from the offices. An official dataset must not be changed, but the data can vary slightly, sometimes due to errors or updates.

Do you have a standard license for the datasets?

Not, I don’t. The datasets remains with the same license provided by the states. From src/damegender/files/names/ you can access to the folder for each country and you will find the license.