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Python code for Coursera Neural Networks class taught by Professor Geoffrey Hinton
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This repository only has code for HW1. It turned out that the "style" of the programming assignments for this course was not a great fit for this kind of project. For each assignment the amount of code to be written by the student (eg, usually a two or three line gradient computation) was much smaller than the amount of setup code provided. I will still leave the HW1 code up in case that is useful for anyone.

Also, I do not have the actual "official" Octave starter codes for the course.


This repository contains Python ports of the Octave starter code for the programming assignments in the Coursera online class Neural Networks for Machine Learning taught by Professor Geoffrey Hinton.

This code requires the NumPy SciPy, and matplotlib libraries.

This should go without saying, but use at your own risk. Contributors are not responsible for lost assignment points due to bugs, etc.

Forks and pull requests welcome and encouraged!

Contributors in chronological order

  • David Andrzejewski
  • Thomas Ryan Harris
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