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A simple lisp interpreter with clojure-like syntax.
C++ Clojure
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A simple lisp interpreter with clojure-like syntax.



Ok, show me the code!

(defn say-hello-to [name]
  (print "Hello " name))

(say-hello-to "Obi-Wan Kenobi") ;; this should print "Hello Obi-Wan Kenobi" without the quotes

Check the file scripts/examples.cljs for more examples

Awesome! How do I use it?


  • A C++ compiler with C++11 support ( I tested it with g++ 5.3.1 )
  • Scons ( a better construction tool that use python scripts )

Compile the source

$ scons

Setting the JEDIPATH environment variable

The interpreter needs this environment variable to search for libs ( at the moment just the core lib ).

Navigate to the project folder:

$ cd jediscript-master/
$ export JEDIPATH=$PWD/libs

Executing the examples

$ cd jediscript-master/
$ ./bin/jediscript ./scripts/examples.cljs

Missing features ( that maybe some day I'll implement )

  • Hash type
  • namespaces
  • Multi-arity functions
  • varadic functions
  • FFI
  • a lot of nice clojure features...


It will work on Windows or Mac?

Probably, but since I don't use Windows nor Mac, I can't tell you for sure. If you want to test it in those platforms and/or make adjustment to make it work, you are welcome to open a pull request :)

How fast is it?

Well, is an AST interpreter with no special care for performance, so slow.

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