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0.2.18 -
* security updates
* when using --keydir, whitelist only files ending in .pub
0.2.17 -
* supply an alternate path to your SSH pubkey with the AWSBOX_PUBKEY env variable.
0.2.16 -
* security updates
* new create --keydir option lets you specify a directory filled with public keys that will be added to VM.
* more output (when security updates are installed at deployment time)
0.2.15 -
* security updates
* downgrade to node v0.6.17
* documentation improvements
* fix bug where security updates wouldn't be properly installed at deploy time
0.2.14 -
* security updates installed at creation time
* new template with latest security updates
* upgrade to node v0.6.20
0.2.13 -
* passthrough output to console for longer running operations, like running post_create hooks on the server
* when a post_create hook exists, output on the console that we're running it
0.2.12 -
* amazon can be slow. increase some timeouts.
0.2.11 -
* dns.updateRecord() doesn't fail if no previous record exists
0.2.10 -
* dns.updateRecord() now deletes old records before adding
0.2.9 -
* add a --dnscheck flag to create to disable dns check prior to VM creation
0.2.8 -
* fix /ver.txt serving over SSL
0.2.6 -
* improve informational density and readability of `list` command
0.2.5 -
* fix bug in dns.js - .update() is a noop iff null parameters are passed in
* fix bug in vm.js - .list() should return all instances, even when names collide
0.2.4 -
* don't output app config during push
* small fixes in git.js library
0.2.2 -
* add --[no-]remote flag to disable adding of git remotes
0.2.1 -
* debug zerigo DNS support, generalize secret format
0.2.0 -
* add 'hooks' to .awsbox.json - postcreate, poststart, and postdeploy
* add 'packages' to .awsbox.json for `yum install` at VM creation time
* allow copying of SSL certs at creation time via cmd line flags
* allow modification of ENV via .awsbox.json env key
* allow additional parameters to be populated in config.json via -x flag to create
* add 'create_ami' command to restore an instance to a clean state and create an image from it.
0.0.10 -
* /ver.txt again serves the current sha of running code
0.0.9 -
* upgrade VM packages
* node.js pushed to 0.6.15
* 50x pages rebranded to awsbox (remove reference to browserid)
* security group automatically created renamed 'awsbox security group vX'