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some code to pull my photos off of flickr
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0) requirement: Python, probably 2.4 or later (untested with 2.3-)

1) get a flickr API & secret (see

2) stuff the above in two environment variables FLICKR_BATCHR_KEY and 

3) here are some usage patterns:

find the IDs for your sets:
    python ./ listsets

download original size images taken in 1997, place in specified directory:
    python ./ download -s o -y 1997 --base=/Volumes/BACKUP/photos        
download large-sized (-s b) images in specified set (-S ...) place in 
specified directory using a year/month/id file layout:

    python download -S 7215XXX00 --base="set_photos" \
    --format="%(year)s/%(month_name)s/%(id)s.jpg" -s b      

download medium sized images tagged with foo taken in jan 1999:

    python download --tag foo -y 1999 -m 1 --base="jan_99"

Note that downloads are incremental unless the -f/--force option is specified.

Other notable options to the 'download' command:
  --gui uses a GUI progress bar on OS X if CocoaDialogs has been installed
  --list lists each transaction instead of just a progress bar
  -v doesn't actually do the download

Feedback welcome on or email to
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