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DavidATGreen committed 4e63f6c Sep 7, 2016
Refactoring Unit Tests
Upgraded Java sources to Java 8
Upgraded JUnit to 4.12
Refactored unit tests.

Unit tests now use annotations and new Java features, as well as
splitting some into multiple unit tests. Some unit tests that were
brittle to data changes have been removed.


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Jul 5, 2012
Dec 17, 2015

##Summary This is a Java application tool to design castle layouts for the game Designs are saved as images for easy access, and barcoded to allow the image to be loaded. An alphanumeric version of the barcode can also be exported/imported.



  • Buildings are placed quickly and efficiently by dragging the mouse.
  • Buildings can be removed in the same way with the right mouse button.
  • Designs are saved in a lossless png format.
  • The saved images can be reloaded back into the designer since each image has its information barcoded for forwards compatibility.
  • For when images cannot be used (such as the Stronghold Kingdoms ingame mail system), an alphanumeric version of the barcode may be accessed.

##Legal sillyness Please see the file named LICENSE


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