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Preventing next click after scrolling #12

iscy opened this Issue · 3 comments

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On the iPhone:
1. Scroll on a page
2. Hit an element that has onClick() function
=> Nothing happens
3. Hit it again
=> Works

The function: _preventNextClick() is the root cause of this issue. I'm not sure why this function was introduced in the first place... but removing its call from onTouchMove fixes my issue. I think the handler should be removed from onTouchEnd().


Here is a patch that fixes the issue by removing the prevent handler on onTouchEnd().

Index: web/touchscroll.js
--- web/touchscroll.js  (revision 5168)
+++ web/touchscroll.js  (working copy)
@@ -639,6 +639,8 @@
                                this.startFlick(flickVector, flickDuration);
+                       scroller.removeEventListener("click", preventHandler, true);
@@ -667,13 +669,15 @@
        _preventNextClick: function _preventNextClick(){
                var scroller = this.scrollers.container;
       = "transparent";
-               scroller.addEventListener("click", function prevent(event){
-                       event.stopPropagation();
-                       this.removeEventListener("click", prevent, true);
-              = "";
-               }, true);
+               scroller.addEventListener("click", preventHandler, true);
+       _preventHandler: function _preventHandler(event) {
+               event.stopPropagation();
+               scroller.removeEventListener("click", preventHandler, true);
+      = "";
+       },
        isAnimating: function isAnimating(){
                var timeouts = this._animationTimeouts;
                var hasTimeouts = timeouts.e.length > 0 || timeouts.f.length > 0;

Thanks for the patch … this will be fixed with the rewrite, I just don’t have much time left to finish it at the moment.


This is still happening (at least on Android phones), and I don't see that _preventNextClick function anywhere in the code, so I don't know how can I patch it. Any workaround for this? The project doesn't seem pretty active right now, but i'm hoping someone can answer me.

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