dropdowns and buttons nested in touchscroll #13

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I am having a problem that, when a page gets overly complex (many nested divs), all of the select options and buttons stop working properly within the touchscroll pane.

The elements can be tabbed through to see the options, but clicking them no longer works.

Has anyone else faced this or a similar issue? any workaround?



I'm having a similar problem, I can't focus on dropdowns inside the touchscroll pane with -webkit-box-flex: 1. The select picker doesn't show up. If anyone knows a workaround please let us know, thanks!




Selects don’t work at the moment. There isn’t a solution that fixes it for both iOS and Android. Things are getting complicated here …


Hi All,

Dropdown is not working when touchscroll.js is used. Please advice how it should be worked.

Thanks in Advance,

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