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starting scroll from within a form element #7

chrisdrackett opened this Issue · 5 comments

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If you start scrolling with your finger within a form element (a textarea for example) it'll scroll both the entire viewport and the element set for touchscroll.


Not sure if I can fix that … iPhone seems to have special treatment for form elements.


Was just playing with gmail and noticed that you can scroll from their form elements without issue. Not sure if it's something that can be adapted for touchscroll, but I thought I would note it here.


That’s very interesting. I’ll take a look at GMail. Maybe they have a nice solution that I can adopt.


was playing with sencha touch today and noticed they've solved this issue as well:

go to User Interface > Forms


The only way I was able to fix this is by overlaying an invisible element over the form element. I'm removing this element on touchend if touchmove has not been fired on the overlay. I'm readding it onblur. This works great. The only problem now is when the item is focussed and the user starts to scroll it falls back to the buggy behavior.

Does anyone have any better suggestions?

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