Usage: Prerequisites

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To get started, either download a snapshot from the Downloads page or clone the repository to your computer.


TouchScroll depends on the CubicBezier constructor from my css-beziers project. If you use the minified file (dist/touchscroll.min.js) you’re already set – the dependency is contained in the file. If you decided to go with the unminified version (e.g. for profiling), you have to include css-beziers.js into your page.

Cloned Repository

After cloning TouchScroll, first check out the experimental branch:

git checkout experimental

Now you are using the latest version. To get css-beziers.js, run

 git submodule init && git submodule update

which will clone the css-beziers repository into lib/css-beziers


If you downloaded TouchScroll and don’t use the minified version, you will also have to download the css-beziers.js file and include it into your page.


Learn how to create a scrolling layer on Usage: Instantiation.