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FTP-like interface to allow auth users (OAuth, SAML) manage files under a bucket/[user]/*
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PoC AWS FTP S3 Serverless

The goal of this project is to provide a space for users under a AWS S3 bucket (shared S3 bucket with a "folder" for every user), with a web interface to upload, browse, download and remove files.

This PoC is done between asamo7 and davidayalas.


  • Each user only sees its "folder" under S3 bucket. The folder is its "id" from OAuth or SAML

  • User can upload folders (drag and drop) and the structure is recreated in S3

  • Files can be downloaded (not directories)

  • Folders can be deleted (included not empty)

  • Folder creation

Sample interface

screen screen while uploading


  1. Form signing for upload > lambda/form-signing/index.js This lambda generates the signature for valid uploads.

  2. Browsing > lambda/browsing/index.js This lambda retrieves the objects in a path

  3. Delete > lambda/delete-keys/index.js This lambda deletes recursively all objects in a path

  4. Get presigned urls > lambda/get-presigned-urls/index.js This lambda generate presigned urls for objects to be downloaded safely


  • These lambdas have to be exposed througth AWS API GW.
  • The custom authorizer has to include a {user : "id"} in the request context in order to get it in the previous lambdas to target the user folder: event.requestContext.authorizer.user
  • Enable CORS:
  • Remember the "Gateway responses" then custom authorizer in use.

Setup interface

Create file "js/endpoints.js" with the following content replacing values with aproppiate:

var LoginDomain = "";
var LoginPath = "/pro/getJWT";
var FTP_endpoint = "";


  • Quotas
  • Sharing
  • Serverless template to deploy it easy
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