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Utility to publish HTML tables (with responsive version) from Google Spreadsheet as CMS
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Google Spreadsheet to HTML Timetable


  • Allows non-tech users to edit a timetable in Google Spreadsheet and then, publish it to a web page.
  • It has two versions:
    • Desktop (same view as spreadsheet)
    • Responsive (splits column headers -monday, ..., sunday- as new rows)

From spreadsheet to HTML

From this

spreadsheet id

you will get this

table view

or this

responsive view

Prerequisites & requirements

  • JQuery
  • A spreadsheet and make it public ("publish to the web" option)
    • Get the id of the spreadsheet from the url (from the sample: 1c_vDuF6yEuLHDKANUk_2drO0HFIgWQRqrWN3GIVGFRg)

spreadsheet id

Install & Usage

	<script src=""></script>
	<script src="lib/jquery.gshtmltable.js"></script>
  • It will paint two tables:

    • one with the same view of the spreadsheet (n rows x n cols)
    • one responsive, adapted to mobile
  • You can pass some options to drawTables()

			'spreadsheet' : 'id of your spreadsheet',
			'desktop_container' : '# id of your container for desktop table, with "#" or ".", default "body"',
			'responsive_container' : '# id of your container for responsive table, with "#" or ".", default "body"',
			'desktop_css' : 'desktop css to add to class attribute',
			'responsive_css' : 'responsive css to add to class attribute',
			'responsive_css_th' : 'css classes to add to first spreadsheet row columns',
			'callback' : 'function, when all work is done...'
  • if desktop_container or responsive_container are null, its painting won't be processed.


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