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Update wiringpi interface file
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2 parents 9dcfaca + 6c324c0 commit cbe2f91308fe404b26b38186a3e223ae0801e939 @davidb24v committed Dec 5, 2015
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@@ -30,23 +30,14 @@ extern int wiringPiSPIGetFd (int channel) ;
extern int wiringPiSPIDataRW (int channel, unsigned char *data, int len) ;
extern int wiringPiSPISetup (int channel, int speed) ;
-extern void gertboardAnalogWrite (int chan, int value) ;
-extern int gertboardAnalogRead (int chan) ;
-extern int gertboardSPISetup (void) ;
-extern int setupNesJoystick (int dPin, int cPin, int lPin) ;
-extern unsigned int readNesJoystick (int joystick) ;
extern int softPwmCreate (int pin, int value, int range) ;
extern void softPwmWrite (int pin, int value) ;
#include "wiringPi.h"
#include "wiringShift.h"
#include "wiringSerial.h"
-#include "gertboard.h"
#include "wiringPiSPI.h"
#include "softPwm.h"
-#include "piNes.h"
#include "lcd.h"

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