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# Add the names of your repositories here. The expected use case is that the repos are stored in /home/cacheflyupdater/. You can change that in the code if you like.
# Add the directory you'd like to correspond to the repo on the cachefly server. Make sure you place it in the correct position in the array. Yes it's hacky, but it works and how often will you be changing it?
# Your rsync username
# Things happen
for i in ${REPOS[@]}
OUTPUT=`cd /home/cacheflyupdater/${REPOS[$k]}/ && git pull`
# The if loop is to avoid pinging cachefly even there's been no change to the git repo. If you're concerned about the cachefly files being updated from elsewhere you may wish to change this behaviour.
# This is a two-way sync, so anything deleted in the git repo is deleted from cachefly. Excluding .git is self explanatory, the .project file is something created by Aptana Studio which we use heavily (because it's awesome).
# We assume that you're authenticating to your rsync endpoint via public key.
if [[ $OUTPUT != "Already up-to-date." ]]; then
rsync -avv --delete /home/cacheflyupdater/${REPOS[$k]}/ $${TARGETDIR[$k]}/ --exclude .git --exclude .project
# Increment k by one. Surely this shouldn't be this hard in bash. Am I missing something really obvious?
k=`expr $k + 1`
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