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Photobomb takes a directory of images and turns it into a gallery on the web.

It watches that directory, so any new images get thumbnailed and served right away.

It preserves directory structure and allows arbitrary nesting.

Pages are responsive and should look great across desktop, tablet and mobile.

It's really simple for all users. The code is really straightforward, too.

It tries to be pretty.

All thumbnails are created at the time of image upload, so views are speedy.


Take a look at the blog post


You'll need nodeJS and GraphicsMagick installed on your system. (on OSX you can just brew install graphicsmagick)

git clone
cd photobomb
node index.js

Shove some files in the ./public directory.

Open a web browser and go to http://localhost:8080

For Upstart (Ubuntu) users there's a conf file included. Edit the paths as appropriate, pop that into /etc/init/ and sudo start photobomb and you'll be away.

You can specify the following environment variables:

  • PORT - The port the web server will listen on
  • FACEBOOK_APPID - A Facebook App ID. If configured, Like and Shar buttons will be added to your galleries.


All yo need to do is get your directories and image files into that public directory. I find the simplest way to do that is to use BTSync. You might also like Dropbox or any number of other things.

With either of the mentioned tools, just install the client both on your devices (phone, etc) and your server. When you put photos in the folder on your phone, they will automagically appear on the folder on your server. When they do that, they will automagically appear on the iternet.

It's pretty great.