A cross-platform NPAPI plugin viewer
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  A cross-platform NPAPI plugin viewer

  Copyright (C) 2005-2009 Gwenole Beauchesne
  Copyright (C) 2011 David Benjamin



nspluginwrapper is available under the terms of the GNU General Public License.
See the file "COPYING" that is included in the distribution for details.

nspluginwrapper is a trademark of Gwenole Beauchesne.


nspluginwrapper consists in a proxy plugin and a viewer for NPAPI
compatible plugins. It makes it possible to use 32-bit x86 plugins
like Adobe Flash Player on other platforms like Linux/x86_64, *BSD and
even Linux/ppc.

nspluginwrapper also provides a standalone plugins player. This
program makes it possible to execute plugins without an actual

Quick build notes

To simplify the build of the 32-bit viewer, a minimal subset of LSB
Desktop 3.1 is included in this distribution. Hence, you only have
to proceed as follows:

$ ./configure
$ make
# make install

Or, if you prefer from a source package:
$ rpm --rebuild nspluginwrapper.src.rpm

NOTE: if you are building the Linux viewer for use on a non-Linux
system (e.g. NetBSD, FreeBSD), you will have to configure the Linux
build with the --enable-generic option. That way, named sockets will
be used and work under the Linux emulation layer on those operating

Requirements and Installation

An NPAPI-supporting browser built with GTK 2 support is currently
required for proper operation. An alternative is Konqueror but it does
not yet support the npruntime scripting API.

On package installation, 32-bit plugins are automatically recognized
provided they are available in the /usr/lib/mozilla/plugins directory.

You can manually install/remove/update plugins with "nspluginwrapper".

   usage: nspluginwrapper [flags] [command [plugin(s)]]

   -h --help               print this message
   -v --verbose            flag: set verbose mode
   -a --auto               flag: set automatic mode for plugins discovery
   -n --native             flag: allow native plugin(s) to be wrapped
   -l --list               list plugins currently installed
   -u --update [FILE(S)]   update plugin(s) currently installed
   -i --install [FILE(S)]  install plugin(s)
   -r --remove [FILE(S)]   remove plugin(s)

[plugin(s)] are full paths to actual plugin binaries (e.g. nppdf.so
for Acrobat Reader, libflashplayer.so for Flash).

Compatibility List

Please bear in mind this is *BETA* software.

The following plugins work reasonnably well:
- Acrobat Reader      5.0.9
- Acrobat Reader      7.0.1
- Acrobat Reader      8.1.2
- Acrobat Reader      9.4.2
- DejaVu Libre        3.5.14
- Flash Player        7.0
- Flash Player        9.0.124
- Flash Player
- Flash Player        10.2.153
- Flash Player        10.3.181
- Linux J2K           0.0.2
- Mplayerplug-in      2.80
- Mplayerplug-in      3.25
- Real Player         8.0
- Real Player         10.0.5
- Tcl plugin          3.1
- Squeak VM plugin    3.7
- Citrix ICA Client   10.0
- 3DMLW               1.0.3

Broken or partially working:
- Real Player         8.0
- Adobe SVG           3.01x88


This project's history is maintained in a git repository hosted by


Please consult the file "NEWS" for the release history.
A "ChangeLog.pre-1-4" file is also available in this distribution from before


Gwenole Beauchesne,

David Benjamin,