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Counting the Future

an epic meta-diagram

Counting the Future is a visual history of prediction; a collection of attempts to predict the future from numbers. It focuses specifically on the diagrammatic nature of statistical prediction as a visual entry point to the profound ways in which statistics and probability have re-shaped the world over the last 300 years.

See the website at

This is a purpose built tool to visualise and edit a Neo4j graph database in the browser. Artefact nodes and their links are shown in the front-end visualisation, Reference, Image and Quote nodes are used to attach content to them.

Typically images and quotes come out of a reference (a paper or book) an into an artefact in this pattern (a:Reference)-[r:found_in]->(b:Image)-[l:attached]->(c:Artefact) but either type can also be attached directly to an Artefact node. Artefacts are linked together to reflect a variety of historical relationships across time (thematic, citations, evolution of a technology or device, and so on), these each have a different appearance in the front end.

In the editor, the full graph is shown in the top part, and elements can be dragged to the 'workbench' area for editing. Node and relationship properties can be edited through simple bootstrap forms triggered by keyboard shortcuts.

editor screenshot

editor form screenshot

Built with:

Other librairies used:
JS: Moment.js for dates, Mousetrap for keyboard shortcuts
Python: Mistune for markdown parsing, Boto3 to store images on Amazon S3

This project is part of David Benqué's PhD research in Information Experience Design at the Royal College of Art in London. This work is supported by Microsoft Research Cambridge (UK) through its PhD Scholarship Programme.