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Atrocity Exhibipsum

Ballardian Placeholder Text Generator

What is it?

Atrocity exhibipsum is a placeholder text generator - it uses the top 1500 or so most used words in J.G. Ballard's The Atrocity Exhibition to build paragraphs of postmodern gibberish.

You can view the demo at

Running it locally

You can get it by cloning the repo into the directory of your choice from the command line:

git clone yourfoldername

Make sure you're running an HTTP server on your computer - the script uses an Ajax call to get the wordlist and you'll fall foul of the same-origin policy if you aren't, and then the next step wont work. All you'll be left with is a pretty webpage with a completely useless form on it.

Now just navigate to the directory where you cloned the repo earlier in any modern browser. Wa-HEY! You're up and running.


MIT Licensed.