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Team Number: 16


  • David Boschwitz
  • Ryan Gallus
  • Michael Rhodas
  • Sam Jackson


PC Client

The PC Client module, otherwise known as the Dart Client, is the GameConnect main web application front-end.

It is the web interface users will see when visiting the project site.

The for the PC Client module can be found here: client readme


The Controller module, otherwise known as the Cordova Client, JS Client, or Controller Client, is the "hardware interface" for GameConnect.

It the mobile device application users will use to make inputs on GameConnect.

The for the Controller module can be found here: controller readme


The Server module is a part of the backend for GameConnect. It drives communication and state changes for the two client modules.

The for the Server module can be found here: server readme


The love module is the secret module for GameConnect. Every time a contribution is made to this project, the love module grows that much more.

No matter the how well the other modules work, the love module will always function perfectly.

GameConnect is made with love.

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