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-Display a photo gallery on OS X based on Day One's pictures
+This a *dirty* hack to display Day One's photos on OS X in an HTML page, in a similar view as the iOS version of the app.
+It's a very simple shell script (+ a few css style) that looks into iCloud's files to find DayOne pictures.
+If you use Dropbox instead, change `PATH2ENTRY=` value to reflect the path to your DayOne photos folder. Something like **~/Dropbox/Apps/Day\ One/Journal.dayone/photos**.
+If you don't like command line, the Automator Services should work fine (unzip it and save it under **~/Libray/Services**).
+Tested under Mountain Lion 10.8.1.
+More info (in French), here : [Galerie photos Day One sous OS X](

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