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##In a Nutshell The Form reminds a user that their time-investment matters to you and your organization by giving the best possible experience when filling out a form.

##In Brief Jargon The Form creates the relationship between a validator, a formatter, and a restrictor for the most popular form types, and then notifies the developer and user about a form’s validity.


  • Associates validation routines, such as character restrictions and the maximum character limits
  • Encapsulates validity check and dirty flag handler for each required form item
  • Lays our form items in a symmetrical grid, so labels, controls, format hints and colors are consistent
  • Provides a simple tag-based approach to building a robust, long-form
  • Gives feedback about how far along the user is in the completion process
  • Shows a visual hint within its own field-column.
  • Incorporates a Graphical Animated Feedback Indicator (GAFI), as well as form items that change their color based on their validity * state.

##Supported Fields

  • Address 1
  • Address 2
  • Captcha
  • CheckBox
  • ComboBox
  • American Express, Discover, Diner’s Club, Visa, MasterCard
  • Credit Card Expiration Date
  • Credit Card Number
  • Credit Card Security Code
  • Credit Card Type
  • Currency
  • Date
  • Email
  • File Manager (including the previewing of image files)
  • First Name
  • Last Name
  • Generic Input
  • Numeric Stepper
  • Password
  • Phone Number
  • Radio Button Group (confirming the user Selected 1 choice)
  • Rich Text Editor
  • Social Security
  • Time
  • Website
  • Zip Code (with or without Extension)


  • Most methods that makes up the Base FormItem Class can be overridden. There’s also a generic input that allows you to specify generic string restraints & requirements. I’ll be working to add some interfaces to help you along for performing extensions, along with sample code.
  • The styles are externalized so you can easily change the feedback colors, form-item colors, and more.
  • The Graphical Animated Feedback Indicator (GAFI) is optional.


Form validation, hints, character restriction, state & graphical feedback for Adobe Flex




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