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Access Java resources as .properties, File, XML or String
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Build Status Resource Utils

What is it?

Resource Utils provides straightforward access to Java resources in several formats so you don't have to write boilerplate conversions.

To get a resource as Properties:

Properties properties = ResourceUtils.getProperties("/com/github/davidcarboni/");

To get a resource as an XML Document:

Document document = ResourceUtils.getXml("/com/github/davidcarboni/app.xml");

To get a resource as a String:

String string = ResourceUtils.getString("/com/github/davidcarboni/string.resource");

To extract a resource to a temp File:

File temp = ResourceUtils.getFile("/com/github/davidcarboni/file.resource");

To get a resource as a Reader:

Reader reader = ResourceUtils.getReader("/com/github/davidcarboni/character.resource");

To get a resource as a good old InputStream:

InputStream input = ResourceUtils.getStream("/com/github/davidcarboni/");

Maven usage

To use resource-utils in your project:

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