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This is the source for David Carlton's "fragments" microblogging platform: see this blog post for explanation of what it's about.

If anybody else cares enough to want to use it, let me know and I'll provide more explanation; the short version is that ${FRAGMENTS_TEXT} should refer to a directory containing subdirectories fragments and mosaics. The former should contain one file for each fragment (in Markdown format), the latter should contain one file for each mosaic, where the file contains the list of fragments making up the mosaic, using initial asterisks for indentation. When you have a fragment/mosaic ready for public consumpution (possibly with the help of bin/, pass it to bin/; eventually, you'll want to run bin/ to publish the whole lot.

Right now, mosaics aren't supported as well as regular fragments: in particular, neither they nor their feed shows up on the front page.

This depends on the redcarpet and atom-tools gems; for the former, you'll need a 2.x version, which (as of this writing) means that you'll need to explicitly specify a beta version.

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