Syntax highlighting for TOPAS parameter files
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Syntax highlighting for TOPAS parameter files in Sublime Text.



Installing packages for Sublime Text is easiest through the Package Control plugin, and this package is no different.

Once you have Package Control, follow these instructions:

  • open the Command Palette (cmd+shift+p on Mac, ctrl+shift+p on Linux/Windows)
  • select Package Control: Install Package
  • search for Topas Syntax


Since TOPAS parameter files use the ubiquitous .txt file extension, it is not enabled by default. To apply the syntax highlighting to an opened file, select View > Syntax > Topas.

As this could become laborious when managing many parameter files, I recommend saving your directory tree as a Sublime Text project. I personally use the excellent Project Manager package for managing my projects, though this isn't necessary. Then you can use the Project Specific Syntax Settings package to tell Sublime Text to use the TOPAS syntax highlighting for your project, by choosing Edit Project from the Command Palette:

    "syntax_override": {
        "\\.txt$": ["Topas Syntax", "Topas"]


The actual colors used in the syntax highlighting is determined by your theme, so you may see a different color scheme to the image above. I am using the Monokai theme.

It might be possible to import the Topas.tmLanguage grammar file into other editors such as TextMate. However, I stick to Sublime Text. :-) Please let me know if you install it on another editor, and I can update the README.