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Doctests for JavaScript and CoffeeScript
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A quick and (very) dirty implementation of JavaScript doctests, for those rare occasions when tests of this nature are actually appropriate.

Math.product = function () {
  // > Math.product(3, 4, 5)
  // 60
  // > Math.product(2, "ten")
  // NaN
  // > Math.product(6)
  // undefined
  var idx = arguments.length
  if (idx) {
    var product = arguments[0]
    while (--idx) product *= arguments[idx]
    return product

To run doctests, pass doctest paths to one or more "modules" to be tested. Each path should be one of the following:

This can easily be done from a browser console:

> doctest("./math-extensions.js")
retrieving /scripts/./math-extensions.js...
running doctests in /scripts/./math-extensions.js...
expected undefined on line 7 (got 6)

Oops. Looks like we have a bug.


It's easy to indicate that an error (of a particular kind) is expected:

// > (var x = 5)
// SyntaxError
// > null.length
// TypeError


All expressions are eval'd in the global scope, so the following will leave a user property attached to the global object:

// > user = {first_name: "Sheldon", last_name: "Cooper"}
// > user.first_name + " " + user.last_name
// "Sheldon Cooper"

This shouldn't be a problem in practice (and it's actually rather useful in some cases), but it's worth bearing in mind that variables are available to all subsequent tests.


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