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%% Callback module that should respond to (HTTP) reqs incoming via SPDY
%% Each SPDY stream creates a process, this module is invoked once per
%% stream.
%% If you implement one of these specific to a webserver library, you could
%% marshal the SPDY request to a normal looking HTTP request, and reuse your
%% normal HTTP response / handling code.
%% See for an example of this.
%% By starting a SPDY listener, the same code that handles HTTP requests is also
%% used to service SPDY requests.
%% This is an example callback module which just returns "Hello SPDY World"
-export([init/3, closed/2, headers_updated/3, handle_data/2]). %% API
init(_Id, Headers, SpdyOpts) ->
?LOG("INIT opts ~p",[SpdyOpts]),
Scheme = proplists:get_value(<<"scheme">>, Headers), %% http | https
Host = proplists:get_value(<<"host">>, Headers), %% localhost:6121
Method = proplists:get_value(<<"method">>, Headers), %% GET
Url = proplists:get_value(<<"url">>, Headers), %% /
%% if any of these fields are missing, it's an error
case Scheme =:= undefined orelse
Host =:= undefined orelse
Method =:= undefined orelse
Url =:= undefined of
true ->
{error, not_http};
false ->
case Url of
<<"/settings-me">> ->
%% invent some settings to save
Settings = [
F = #spdy_settings{ flags=?SETTINGS_FLAG_CLEAR_PREVIOUSLY_PERSISTED_SETTINGS, settings=Settings},
espdy_stream:send_frame(self(), F),
ResponseHeaders = [
{<<"url">>, <<"http://localhost:6121/settings-me">>}, %% url only needed in push streams usually?
{<<"status">>, <<"200 OK">>},
{<<"version">>, <<"HTTP/1.1">>},
{<<"content-type">>, <<"text/plain">>}
Body = <<"This stream sent a settings frame, informing your browser that the server supports 9999 max concurrent streams">>,
{ok, ResponseHeaders, Body};
<<"/">> ->
%% Ignore the request, and just return a static page response:
ResponseHeaders = [
{<<"url">>, <<"http://localhost:6121/">>}, %% url only needed in push streams usually?
{<<"status">>, <<"200 OK">>},
{<<"version">>, <<"HTTP/1.1">>},
{<<"content-type">>, <<"text/plain">>},
{<<"content-length">>, <<"16">>}
Body = <<"Hello SPDY World">>,
{ok, ResponseHeaders, Body};
_ ->
ResponseHeaders = [
{<<"status">>, <<"400 Not Found">>},
{<<"version">>, <<"HTTP/1.1">>},
{<<"content-type">>, <<"text/html">>}
% {<<"content-length">>, <<"16">>}
Body = <<"<h1>NOT FOUND</h1>">>,
{ok, ResponseHeaders, Body}
%% Called when the SPDY session terminates
closed(Reason, _State) ->
io:format("CLOSED! ~p\n",[Reason]).
%% Called when a HEADERS frame updated the headers
headers_updated(_Delta, _NewMergedHeaders, State) ->
io:format("headers updated with ~p",[_Delta]),
{ok, State}.
%% Called when we recieve a DATA frame
handle_data(Data, State) ->
io:format("DATA on stream ~p",[Data]),
{ok, State}.
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