A jQuery plugin to include remote html within a custom html <include> tag
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jQuery plugin include-html

This is not a fancy plugin to load remote (remote domain) html or anything complex. It loads VERY simple HTML files that are accessible on your webserver.

Do not rely on this if you want good SEO. It will kill your SEO

This jQuery plugin is there to help developers including remote HTML elements into their web pages.

Using the plugin a developer will be able to either create an HTML file and include within a page.

This works like templating engines that allow you to include a file. In PHP this would be , and in other languages it'd be another way of including a remote template/html source within a file.

This plugin introduces a new non-self-closing html tag called <include>

How to use it?

First of all, the developer will need to include the plugin like such (Obviously after inserting the jquery source ;-))

Include the plugin in your code

<script src="jquery.include.js" charset="utf-8" type="text/javascript"></script>

Then where you want to include your remote html, you'll need to use the following html tag.

<include src="/path/to/file/to/include.html"></include>

Please note, this is not a self-closing tag. It is primordial to close it.

Hope you enjoy.