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A simple node.js whois module.
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node.js simple Whois module

Retrieve whois information of hostnames.


This node.js module is used to retrieve whois information for a hostname.


Creating a basic Whois object:

var sys   = require('sys');
var whois = require('./lib/whois');

var who = new whois.Whois();

Now that you have the Whois object instantiated, you can make a whois request on a hostname like such:

who.query('', function(response) {

In the event where one would need or want to use a different whois server on a different port, this information can be changed using the constructor as such:

var who = new whois.Whois({port:666, hostname:''});

It currently does not support failing requests and will hang whenever the whois's socket doesn't end a request.


Released under the New BSD License.

Copyright (c) 2010 David Coallier


Very likely to be broken. Feel free to contribute, there's still a bunch to do like query of ipv6 and whatnot.

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