Scans PEAR channels for package info and inserts into a DB
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PEAR channel information aggregator

This DOES NOT AGGREGATE PACKGES! It only aggregates information about packages.

At php|tek, I was chatting with MWOP, Ed, and Helgi about adding a search command to pyrus. This command would search some service that aggregates PEAR package information, and would make it easier for people to discover PEAR channels and packages.

I hacked this together at php|tek, and this is my response to that discussion.

There's no admin interface, only CLI scripts to add channels and update channels.

I just used what I knew... so it's a mysql db using the mysqi ext and a stupid active record implementation.

=== Setup! ===

Clone the repo!

There's a Config class in etc/ with the default configuration in it. Just copy it to and adjust paths.

You'll need a checkout of PEAR2_Pyrus as well:

Create a DB that can be connected using mysqli://pearhunt:pearhunt@localhost/pearhunt

If you want to use your own mysql credentials, copy etc/config.sample.php to and add the following:

Config:setDbSettings(array( 'host' => '', 'username' => 'mysql user', 'password' => 'super secret password' 'dbname' => 'my_database', ));


run ./scripts/upgrade.php from cli to create and setup the DB run ./scripts/addChannel.php to add a channel to the db.

=== Indexing PEAR channels ===

Add a channel and discover all packages: ./scripts/addChannel.php

Update a channel: ./scripts/updateChannel.php

=== Searching! ===

Right now there's only a json output:

=== TODO === When scanning the channels, also scan the packages and index all the classes each package provides... this would allow us to build a really dangerous autoloader that would install vendor dependencies automatically B-)