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Preview your Nodemailer emails in your browser.

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Mail Preview

Preview your Nodemailer emails in your browser (Inspired by Letter Opener).

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  1. Install via npm

    $ npm install mail-preview
  2. Use it with Nodemailer

    var nodemailer = require('nodemailer');
    var path = require('path');
    var tmpdir = path.join(__dirname, 'tmp', 'nodemailer');
    var transport = nodemailer.createTransport('MailPreview', {
      dir: tmpdir,  // defaults to ./tmp/nodemailer
      browser: true // open sent email in browser (mac only, defaults to true)

    Any emails sent through the MailPreview transport will be written to the tmpdir and opened in a browser (unless browser is set to false).


Clone the reop

$ git clone

Install dependencies

$ npm install

Run the tests

$ npm test
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