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Add animated text typing to any element.
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Typist is a jQuery plugin that allows you to animate text as if it were being typed onto the screen.

  height: 300

  .typist('type', 'greet')
  .typist('echo', 'Hello, world!')

See it in action at

This software is licensed under the MIT license. See the details in the file called LICENSE.


Pass in options when initializing your 'terminal' by passing in an object with the following properties.

  • height Typist sets your div to be fixed height with overflow: hidden, so that text scrolls off the top like a terminal window. Use height to set the desired height (just passes through to CSS). Integer number of pixels.

  • width Sets a fixed width for your terminal element. Integer number of pixels.

  • backgroundColor Set the color of the terminal element. Any string that's a valid color in CSS.

  • textColor Set the text color. Any string that's a valid color in CSS.

  • fontFamily Set the font family for the text in the terminal.



Initializes the terminal element.


Adds a prompt line and starts a cursor blinking.

typist('type', text)

Types text on a prompt line.

typist('echo', text)

Prints out text as if it were the output of a command. Creates a new line.

typist('wait', millis)

Pauses animation for the specified number of milliseconds. If on a prompt line, cursor continues to blink.

typist('speed', fast_or_slow)

Sets the speed of typing/echoing for commands that come afterwards

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